Friendly professional advice from experienced owners

We opened our cottages in 2009 and have grown from the four original properties to the six you now know with wedding hall.  We run without an agency and are in control of our bookings with no commission or annual marketing fees.

  • Are you lost not knowing which way to turn?
  • Have you acquired a property and not sure how to move forward?
  • Maybe you haven’t started the building work yet and are stuck with best bedroom numbers or room sizes?
  • Is your occupancy low and you desperately need to cover costs?
  • Are you stuck cleaning, washing, ironing, and sorting repairs with no sign of a day off or holiday?

Maybe a telephone call would help steer you in the right direction?  I am here with a fresh outlook and ideas for new directions… I can provide experienced practical advice on all aspects from plans, marketing through to furnishing. Advice is tailored to your individual needs and to each property type and includes both a visit to your property and stay at ours  Please also see our wedding venue website

Expert advice when you need it most

  • What to look for if buying a prospective property
  • Where to start with a barn conversion
  • Marketing advice
  • Pros & cons of using a booking agent
  • Tips on smooth change-overs and welcome packs
  • Pricing advice and so much more

You will have access to our a members hub with module course before, during and after we meet.  Your stay with us will include welcome folder ideas, marketing tips and so much more followed by my visit to you to see your site, properties or venue.  There is a private Facebook support group to share ideas, stories and ongoing support/advice for everyone who has completed this journey.

I look forward to hearing from you…